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May 21, 2017

May 03, 2017

Weapons Simulator 3D version 3.3.

Weapons Simulator By Maloke

The objective of this demo is to create a realistic weapons simulator by using real ballistics and a wide range of modern weapons.

All technical information is provided by research and then calculated in-game to create the behavior of the weapons, all by scripts.

Menu of 40 weapons available
Outdoor range with M-16
Check your hits on the targets
Sniper scope for SVD-Dragunov

VIDEO: Shooting with some Pistols on indoor range

You can browse through the entire menu and choose a weapon to test on the indoor targets or even do some shootings on the outdoor playground.

  • 8 Pistols
  • 11 Submachineguns
  • 10 Rifles
  • 5 Machineguns
  • 2 Snipers
  • 4 Carbines
Total 40 weapons plus a Hand Granade!

VIDEO: Having some fun with the FAL 7.62 assault rifle

You can download and play this simulator for free:

Play -> Explorers of Skeleton Island